Friday, 14 March 2014

Lesson Summary (14 March '14)

Point Audience Context Culture

Angles - Looking down vs Looking up
- Looking down on someone conveys a sense of power
- Looking up at a person or object can make us feel vulnerable.


NDP poster
- Long shot - shows more details of the back ground
- Focus on the people in Singapore


Election poster in 2006
- Close up shot of Lee Hsieng Leong
- Focus on voting him

5 elements of Visual Text

1. Images
2. Colour
3. Words
4. Typographical features - type of font, font size
5. Layout - Spatial arrangement

Concept of an idea
Symbol or an Icon

Words (titles, headlines, captions)
Words that are used by everyday people, so that it is easily recognizable. 

Title - Main topic of the poster
Headline - The main message of the poster
Captions - Usually found under photographs or images.

Typographical Features (Font Type and Size)
Some letters are capitalized to emphasize the word.
It acts as a guide for the readers.
Readers are attracted to large words and brightly colored words.

The placement of texts can influence the meaning of the visual texts.

Types of placement 
- Top/bottom - texts are attractive with the heading to convey its main message.
- Left/right - contains information about the poster.

Homework: Comprehension Homework
                   Essay to be completed by tonight

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