Thursday, 6 February 2014

Work to be submitted before OBS

 2013 Level Test 1 ESSAY: You should have completed your body paragraphs outlines. Type your three body paragraphs on 'S307/8 PEEL BODY PARAGRAPHS' shared doc (Hamidshah to prepare and share) by Saturday, 8 Feb 2014 in the following format:

PEEL = Point (topic sentences), Evidence (facts or direct quotes), Evaluation (or explanation of fact’s relevance to point), Link (back to the paper’s topic/thesis question NOT to the next paragraph).

An Example:





Paper Thesis: 

Because of it’s abnormally high academic standards, Lincoln is a great high school.

Supporting PEEL Paragraph:

(Point) Lincoln’s graduation requirements are very high. (Evidence 1) In science classes, students are required to cure “at least one major disease” prior to completing their Junior Year. (Evaluation 1) This is a much higher standard than in other PPS high schools, where typically a student is only expected be able to vaguely describe an episode of “Bill Nye the Science Guy.” (Evidence 2) English teachers expect students to have a critical analysis of the entire works of Shakespeare, Joyce, Neruda, or Rowling published in a scholarly journal. (Evaluation 2) Two years ago, one student successfully published a critical analysis of Lady Gaga lyrics, and only earned a C in the course. (Evidence 3) Perhaps most difficult are Lincoln’s requirements to complete the field of study in History. (Evaluation 3) To successfully earn their History credits, Lincoln students must  build a time machine and actually become a famous historical figure: Karl Marx-Cardinal class of 2010! (Link to paper topic) These are just three of the many examples of how Lincoln’s graduation requirements make it a school with high academic standards.


Useful references:

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