Wednesday, 19 February 2014

OUYANG's Essay

The increasing access to information on the Internet has caused as many problems as it has solved’ Comment.

Nowadays, the Internet has become the most profitable resource in the world for its huge amount of information. Since it has such a wonderful prospect, many people begin to claim that the information we get from the Internet is essential for our daily life, we should use it as often as possible. However, in my opinion, the information we receive from the Internet is not so perfect as what they thought. The increasing access to information on the Internet has caused as many problems as it has solved such as misinformation, teenage crimes and scams.

First and foremost, although we often get information from the Internet, these information provided by the Internet might cause damage to our everyday life. Depending on an American report, more than one million dollars are lost because of the misinformation spread on the Internet. In some cases, in order to be famous, some people spread the misinformation on the Internet. However, this leads to a consequence that many people may adopt the misinformation causing a change in their decision which causes damage in their lives. Hence, this is one of the problems we face, we need to take action to handle this consequence.

In addition, the information provided by the Internet might lead the teenager to crimes. Regarding from a Chinese study, more than ninety percent of juvenile crime have been affected by the adult movies, misinformation online before. Nowadays, with the advancement of the society, teenagers have more chances to go online without the care of their parents. However, this leads to a result that they might be kidnapped for they are immature so that they are credulous of the information they get online. What’s more, a large amount of teenagers in America is being convinced that they can act like the protagonist in the ‘GTA’(a game) ignoring the law according to an American report. Thus, the inundation of the misinformation has caused a serious condition, we should do something to protect our next generations.

The last but not least, not just teenagers, but the adult is also scamed by the misinformation online. According to a report from British ‘WHICH’ Organisation, more than three thousand complaints were recorded in 2012. Indeed, online shopping has brought us a convenience which is already part of our lives. However, it also has the risk of being cheated. Since the online shopping appeared, there has been no completed laws to give a perfect standard for this online function. Many people lost money because they are cheated during the online chat. Therefore, we need to be alarmed at the shopping information online, for it might cause another inconvenience.

Indeed, it is undoubtedly that the Internet has brought changes in the every aspect of our daily lives, but we still need to keep an eye on these problems, misinformation, temptation for teenagers and scams. Let us take action to create a peaceful online environment!

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