Monday, 3 February 2014

Hamidshah's Independent Learning Log ( Feb 3 2014)

3 February 2014

5pm  - 6pm
Source: Overpriced Tooth Brush?

What I did?

I watched the video and studied the provenance of the video.

What I learned?

I learned that this toothbrush has been designed very well that it is long lasting, and the toothbrush has it own elegance to it that makes it special. The price of the tooth brush costs almost five thousand dollars. The tooth brush even comes in different colors, if you were to spend more money on it, you can get your own engravings on it.


I think this toothbrush is way too expensive. Even though one might be rich and choose to live a classy life, they won't be bothered to spend 5 thousand dollars on a single toothbrush.Furthermore, even though they said it should last forever, the bristle of the toothbrush can be detached and replaced after using the current bristle. Doesn't that contradict the fact that it is supposed to be an everlasting toothbrush?

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