Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Feb 25 Lesson Summary

Homework : Write one Paragraph Journal
                     Make sure to check your journal with Grammarly.

                      Check your written essays with Grammarly.
                       Post it in the google documeht "307/8 Expository Essay 25 Feb 2014" by TONIGHT!

Notes: An Introduction is important.

There are mainly 5 ways to write introductory paragraph.

1. Historical Review
Starts out with a historical evidence.

2. Anecdotal
Start off the paragraph with a story related to the topic off the essay.

3. Surprising Statement
Start off the introductory paragraph with a fact that surprises people.

4. Famous Person
By using the name of a famous person, it catches the readers attention.

5. Declarative
Without beating around the bush, the writer states what is the essay about.

A good paragraph must have a topic sentence, examples or evidence and linking sentence.

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