Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Oliver's Daily Journal

Question 1 - If I were a teacher, I would...

If I were a teacher, I would probably teach Sports as I am quite fit and athletic. I would probably teach the students the importance of teamwork as I think that teamwork is very important for any sport and even for project work. I would also be very understanding towards their needs and instead of scolding them for what they did wrong I would tell them what they should do instead of the incorrect thing. The reason for this is because I realised that a mistake that many teachers make is that they put down the student without knowing and that demoralises the student and cause him/her to be affected emotionally. Even though when you asked the student if they have been affected they would not agree but sub-consciously they are affected.

Ek Hern's expository writing

        The Internet has enhanced our lives in many ways. We can now communicate face-to-face from opposite ends of the earth and watch a Chinese video in America. However, this is a case of ‘solve one problem, create another’. It is needless then, to say that the increased access to the Internet has caused as many problems as it has solved.

For a start, the Internet has greatly increased our amount and depth of knowledge. Informational sites like Wikipedia and other institute websites provide useful data. However, people can also ‘modify’ the information. Wikipedia is a community based information site which means that anyone looking to be destructive can simply edit the information to his/her will. This could damage a person’s feelings or rouse false rumors about that person. Overall, one needs to use the internet correctly. Terrorists learned how to make bombs from the internet. However, one could also use it to find a place to go for a date.

Entertainment is another area effected by the internet. The rise of Youtube now means original content can be broadcasted to the masses. However, there will be people looking to benefit from this. They will ‘borrow’ other people’s content claiming it as their own. Audiences are now more easily reached. Fans of different genres can find people with a common interest easily. This also means all interests are accounted for. ‘Forever alone no more’ as the 9gag slogan goes. This, however, also creates a problem. Adult content like pornography is readily available on the internet. Pornographic sites account for a higher percentage of the internet now. This also makes it tougher for parents to control their children and protect them from these ‘sins of the devil’.

Ethics on the internet is also a hot potato. Ranting online is a large debate. Amy Cheong is one of the cases in which she got fired due to her rant online about Malay weddings. However, some people believe that online ranting is okay and should be allowed. Copyright, as mentioned above, has also become a large issue. Many content creators are reluctant to show their content online for fear of it being getting stolen. There are even websites like The Pirate Bay dedicated to pirated content. Respect online is another big issue. People like Anton KC (People who take the MRT are poor) who pass these sorts of offensive remarks receive harsh reparations and punishments. Racism online in Singapore also results in a prison sentence.

Overall, we are facing as many problems as we had before the Internet came out. In the end, the crux is really the intentions of the user and what he/she plans to do with it.

Feb 25 Lesson Summary

Homework : Write one Paragraph Journal
                     Make sure to check your journal with Grammarly.

                      Check your written essays with Grammarly.
                       Post it in the google documeht "307/8 Expository Essay 25 Feb 2014" by TONIGHT!

Notes: An Introduction is important.

There are mainly 5 ways to write introductory paragraph.

1. Historical Review
Starts out with a historical evidence.

2. Anecdotal
Start off the paragraph with a story related to the topic off the essay.

3. Surprising Statement
Start off the introductory paragraph with a fact that surprises people.

4. Famous Person
By using the name of a famous person, it catches the readers attention.

5. Declarative
Without beating around the bush, the writer states what is the essay about.

A good paragraph must have a topic sentence, examples or evidence and linking sentence.

Monday, 24 February 2014

Greg Lims' Independent Learning Log

source: owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/539/01
What I did: I went online to look up on the differences between the active and passive voice.

What I learn: Active voice is the subject in the sentences that performs an action while passive voice is the action performed upon the object of the sentence.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Francis' Independent Learning Log

23 February 2014
Source: http://sg.finance.yahoo.com/news/us-led-pacific-trade-pact-under-discussion-singapore-132709812--finance.html

What I did: I read an article about the US-led Pacific trade pact under discussion in Singapore.

What I learned:

New Words:

humanitarian- a person who seeks to promote human welfare.
pharmaceutical- shares in companies manufacturing medicinal drugs.
the drugs group lost 6p and other pharmaceuticals were also dragged lower.
controversial- giving rise or likely to give rise to controversy or public disagreement:
years of wrangling over a controversial bypass.
pact- a formal agreement between individuals or parties:
the country negotiated a trade pact with the US.

Oliver's Independent Learning Log

Active Voice
Active voice is when a subject is performing an action

E.g. : John ate a pig

Passive Voice:
Passive voice is when the subject is talking about the action

E.g. : The pig is eaten by John


Ek Hern's Independent Learning Log

23 February 2014
Nat Geo Magazine

What I did:
I read an article about the Titanic wreck on the magazine and then watched a documentary about it afterwards.

What I learned:
- Titanic actually could have survived the iceberg collision head-on.

- Titanic fell apart into three different parts.

- The wreck stretches 10 square kilometers.

After numerous pictures and expeditions using remote submersibles with cameras, Titanic is now better mapped than ever before. Also, researchers say that the stern of the Titanic would hold more interest. Titanic also could have survived a head-on collision because only one or two compartments would be pierced.  The Titanic wreck also has been mapped to a 10 kilometers squared area.

Friday, 21 February 2014

Francis' research on Active & Passive Voice

Most sentences have a Subject Verb Object, the sequence is mostly subject > verb > object.

Active Voice:
It is the "normal" voice and the voice used most of the time. The Object receives the action of the verb

When changing from Active Voice to Passive Voice, the Object changes to Subject.

Passive Voice:
It is more uncommon than Active Voice. The Subject receives the action of the verb


Wednesday, 19 February 2014

OUYANG's Essay

The increasing access to information on the Internet has caused as many problems as it has solved’ Comment.

Nowadays, the Internet has become the most profitable resource in the world for its huge amount of information. Since it has such a wonderful prospect, many people begin to claim that the information we get from the Internet is essential for our daily life, we should use it as often as possible. However, in my opinion, the information we receive from the Internet is not so perfect as what they thought. The increasing access to information on the Internet has caused as many problems as it has solved such as misinformation, teenage crimes and scams.

First and foremost, although we often get information from the Internet, these information provided by the Internet might cause damage to our everyday life. Depending on an American report, more than one million dollars are lost because of the misinformation spread on the Internet. In some cases, in order to be famous, some people spread the misinformation on the Internet. However, this leads to a consequence that many people may adopt the misinformation causing a change in their decision which causes damage in their lives. Hence, this is one of the problems we face, we need to take action to handle this consequence.

In addition, the information provided by the Internet might lead the teenager to crimes. Regarding from a Chinese study, more than ninety percent of juvenile crime have been affected by the adult movies, misinformation online before. Nowadays, with the advancement of the society, teenagers have more chances to go online without the care of their parents. However, this leads to a result that they might be kidnapped for they are immature so that they are credulous of the information they get online. What’s more, a large amount of teenagers in America is being convinced that they can act like the protagonist in the ‘GTA’(a game) ignoring the law according to an American report. Thus, the inundation of the misinformation has caused a serious condition, we should do something to protect our next generations.

The last but not least, not just teenagers, but the adult is also scamed by the misinformation online. According to a report from British ‘WHICH’ Organisation, more than three thousand complaints were recorded in 2012. Indeed, online shopping has brought us a convenience which is already part of our lives. However, it also has the risk of being cheated. Since the online shopping appeared, there has been no completed laws to give a perfect standard for this online function. Many people lost money because they are cheated during the online chat. Therefore, we need to be alarmed at the shopping information online, for it might cause another inconvenience.

Indeed, it is undoubtedly that the Internet has brought changes in the every aspect of our daily lives, but we still need to keep an eye on these problems, misinformation, temptation for teenagers and scams. Let us take action to create a peaceful online environment!


'Digital technology has too much influence in young people's lives today.' Discuss

Monday, 10 February 2014

Feedback on EX 2 Topic Sentences

Please access your Topic Sentences feedback here. Remember to do your corrections. Check with me if you have any questions.


Dear Students

We have subscribed to a web-based grammar database "Grammarly@EDU".
Grammarly@edu is an automated writing tutoring program which 
  • helps students develop sentence-level writing skills like grammar, punctuation, sentence structure and vocabulary usage;
  • reinforces proper citation habits by directing students to improperly quoted content in their texts;
  • encourages students to revise their writing, helping to improve the quality of written assignments which students turn in;

To access the program, here is a brief guide below:

2) Click on "Sign-up" button at the upper right corner of the page.
3) Enter your name and institutional email (SST email) address; choose a password.
4) Click "Continue", you will receive an email confirming your registration
5) Click on the link in the confirmation email and you will have access to Grammarly@EDU

Check it out soon!
Mrs Jang

Feedback on Ex 3 Topic Sentences

Dear Students,

Some of you need to rewrite your topic sentences to make it more succinct. Please do the necessary corrections.
Refer to the comments here.
If you have questions, please raise during lessons.

Mrs Jang

Friday, 7 February 2014

7 Feb Friday Lesson

Dear Students, 

I am ill and not at school today. You have to complete the 3 body paragraphs based on your outlines (2013 Level Test 1 Questions). Please label the parts of the  PEEL paragraphs and share it with me. 
Refer to my other blog entry for more details. 
Please email me if you have questions. 
Best wishes, 
Mrs Jang

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Work to be submitted before OBS

 2013 Level Test 1 ESSAY: You should have completed your body paragraphs outlines. Type your three body paragraphs on 'S307/8 PEEL BODY PARAGRAPHS' shared doc (Hamidshah to prepare and share) by Saturday, 8 Feb 2014 in the following format:

PEEL = Point (topic sentences), Evidence (facts or direct quotes), Evaluation (or explanation of fact’s relevance to point), Link (back to the paper’s topic/thesis question NOT to the next paragraph).

An Example:





Paper Thesis: 

Because of it’s abnormally high academic standards, Lincoln is a great high school.

Supporting PEEL Paragraph:

(Point) Lincoln’s graduation requirements are very high. (Evidence 1) In science classes, students are required to cure “at least one major disease” prior to completing their Junior Year. (Evaluation 1) This is a much higher standard than in other PPS high schools, where typically a student is only expected be able to vaguely describe an episode of “Bill Nye the Science Guy.” (Evidence 2) English teachers expect students to have a critical analysis of the entire works of Shakespeare, Joyce, Neruda, or Rowling published in a scholarly journal. (Evaluation 2) Two years ago, one student successfully published a critical analysis of Lady Gaga lyrics, and only earned a C in the course. (Evidence 3) Perhaps most difficult are Lincoln’s requirements to complete the field of study in History. (Evaluation 3) To successfully earn their History credits, Lincoln students must  build a time machine and actually become a famous historical figure: Karl Marx-Cardinal class of 2010! (Link to paper topic) These are just three of the many examples of how Lincoln’s graduation requirements make it a school with high academic standards.


Useful references: 


Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Oliver's Independent Learning Log

12pm - 1pm

Source: Time Magazine

What I Did:
1. I studied the article  "Congress Is Bad for the U.S. Economy" which is an article about the debt the U.S. Economy is having at the moment and how the Congress is making is worse

2. Learnt some new words

What I Learnt:

1. Volatile
- liable to change rapidly and unpredictably

2. Shenanigans
- secret or dishonest activity or maneuvering
- silly or high-spirited behavior; mischief.

3. Economist
- an expert in economics

4. Defunding
- prevent from continuing to receive funds

5. Brinkmanship
- the art or practice of pursuing a dangerous policy to the limits of safety before stopping, typically in politics.

6. Equities
- the value of the shares issued by a company/ stocks and shares that carry no interest

T1W3 Oliver's Independent Learning Log


24 January 2014
5.00pm - 6pm

Source: Channel NewAsia

What I Did:

I read about China testing their missiles that could hit America and is said to be able to carry nuclear warheads. 

What I learned:

Liberation - the act of setting someone free from imprisonment, slavery, or oppression; release.
Intercontinental - relating to or travelling between continents.
Embroil - involve (someone) deeply in an argument, conflict, or difficult situation


Beijing is involved in a series of threatens towards Washington. There are pictures that were posted on sohu.com which showed the China soldiers having drills for firing nuclear warheads

OUYANG's Independent Learning Log

Independent Learning Log

Date: 20:30p.m—21:00p.m 30/01/2014

Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-india-25974754

What I did: 
Since I have a lot of things to prepare, I could only read some pieces of news during Chinese New Year’s Gala. Hence, I wrote down the new word I learned and a summary.

What I learned:
Fatality——is a noun that means death.
Correspond——is a verb that means to make an arrangement with something.
Withdraw——is a verb that means to get something back.
Exceed——is a verb that means ‘more than’.
Bargain——is a noun that means trade.

Recently, some grands of Indian cars are reported to be failed in the safety test. Although the prices of the cars are cheaper than the car from Europe or America, there are lacks in the safety protections, such as airbags, braking and safety belt. It is reported that the consumers would be emerged in a strong pressure when the car crashes. The safety belt and the safety bag cannot work as well as the car from Europe or America. It is dangerous for the consumers to drive these cars. I hope the car factories can advance there facilities to protect the consumers well.

Ek Hern's Independent Learning Log (3 Feb)

3 February 2014

Source: Nat Geo Magazine

What I learned:
I learned that teenage brains are actually less developed than people previously believed.
I learned that teens tend to think about the rewards more than the consequences.
I also learned that teens tend to be more impulsive under pressure.

Teenagers were previously viewed as undeveloped or dumb be most people. In fact, however, it is just that we have overestimated the teenagers due to their less developed brains. This makes them give in more readily to impulse and take more risks, causing a higher chance of injury.

Monday, 3 February 2014

Hamidshah's Independent Learning Log ( Feb 3 2014)

3 February 2014

5pm  - 6pm
Source: Overpriced Tooth Brush?

What I did?

I watched the video and studied the provenance of the video.

What I learned?

I learned that this toothbrush has been designed very well that it is long lasting, and the toothbrush has it own elegance to it that makes it special. The price of the tooth brush costs almost five thousand dollars. The tooth brush even comes in different colors, if you were to spend more money on it, you can get your own engravings on it.


I think this toothbrush is way too expensive. Even though one might be rich and choose to live a classy life, they won't be bothered to spend 5 thousand dollars on a single toothbrush.Furthermore, even though they said it should last forever, the bristle of the toothbrush can be detached and replaced after using the current bristle. Doesn't that contradict the fact that it is supposed to be an everlasting toothbrush?