Monday, 13 January 2014

Book Review, Blake, T1W1

     “Climbing is akin to love. It’s hard to explain; we endure pain for the joy that comes with discovering ourselves and the planet.”------CORY RICHARDS

     What I have read in this weekend is two of the National Geographic borrowed. In this report, I want to talk about one of them, the 125th anniversary special issue. The theme of this special issue is discovery. Throughout out history, the restless discovery has begun since the human being appeared. In the ancient time, our ancestors discovered the mainland; Nowadays, we begin to focus on the new realm, universe. That is what this magazine mainly talks about. According to this magazine, I learned many things: the jack mackerel always achieves a harmony to shock the predators, scientists use buoys as detectors to analyze the dangerous Antarctic Environment. Besides, there are several articles which are about the history of discovery. After having read this, I realized that the reason for our restlessness in discovery, is our instinct, which is our curiosity of the unknown world. Voyagers can fight against the tsunami just for the unknown world. Climbers can bear the roar of the avalanche just for the vast view at the peak of the mountain and even pilots can give away their lives just for the altitude that we have never reached. Discovery is  our natural ability, discovery to the unknown world will never stop!

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