Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Raymond's Paragraph

The qualities that make a best friend are honest and concern.Of a people, should be sincere to everyone around him, especially his best friend. I was told by my parent that I should be truthful, and since then I seldom lied unless I was forced to do. I incline to choose my best friend who concern me. As my best friend, we should urge and care each other. Once one finds his best friend being dishonest and not concern him, they should break up because his best friend may have betrayed him. For example, in ancient China, the Qin’s Empire found his minion lied, and he decided to oust the minion because he thought the minion had betrayed him. Lengthy time later, historians found that the minion absolutely stabbed the empire in the back and wanted to revolt with the enemies. Therefore, what resolve a best friend is the characteristic of both honorable and care.

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