Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Raymond's Independent Learning Log,


What I did:
 I managed to read an article on NYTimes website about movies, I also decided to zoom in words’ learning and summarise it.

1’SOUNDTRACK:a recording of the musical accompaniment of a film eg..This movie gets darker with every scene and so does the soundtrack. 

2’pensive:engaged in or reflecting deep or serious thought eg.. Why you are still singing a pensive lay there for youth.

3’pew:a long bench with a back, placed in rows in the main part of some churches to seat the congregation  e.g…They pew their churches and sometimes lock them.

4’postproduction:work done on a film or recording after filming or recording has taken place eg..He says postproduction work on the typical Hollywood movie is a vast assembly line of runners, technicians, assistants and others.

5’greenery:green foliage, growing plants, or vegetation. eg…The aim is an attempt to increase the value of neighboring homes by replacing other signs of blight with greenery. 


The article was about the coming movie ‘Vistor’. The movie was more like a documentary, and it was shot in a zoo. It revealed the daily lives of the primates, which were analogous to human kind, and wanted to raise people’s attention from caring animals as they were forced to leave their haunt. The colourless movie appeared to be lugubrious and cover with sadness. It took lots of effect for those who attended to shoot the movie to get access shooting in the zoo. It was decided that it would deeply affect the audience. In my opinion, such movies are more useful to heal the vulnerable animals. And also, there are lots of action movies and fiction movies nowadays and people fancy watching a new kind of movie. The ‘Vistor’ will absolutely get success as it will meet the needs from movie-lovers.

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