Thursday, 16 January 2014

Raymond's Independent Learning Log

15 Jan 2014

Source:National Geographic

What I did:

I was very interested in sport. When I was finding the magazines in the library, the book about Olympic held in London caught my eye. I borrowed it and finish reading it with exultation.

What I learned:\

Based on the article, I was able to identify common terms that I was not able to back then.Here are the words.
gritty—with many sand  e.g..After our football training, my boot was gritty
graffito—scrawl eg. Graffito nowadays comes to a new sport that most of the youth are mad about it .
flippancy—rude eg. “ LEAN ASIDE!” Bobby said in flippancy.
lush—ample; drunk eg. Raised by residents of the park, goats graze freely on wild vegetation during the lush months of rain, then are rounded up when the dry season arrives.
flagship—elite in some filed eg.. He was supposed to be a flagship among these three hundred people.
gateway—a means of achieving a state or condition e.g…to me a home in the country was a gateway to happiness.

gelatinous—having a jelly-like consistency

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