Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Raymond's Independent Learning Log

14 Jan 2014

Source:National Geographic

What I did:

I was lack of knowledge about geography, so I chose to read on somethings about a city or a country. What I did was to read an article about Cuba and start remembering words using sentences.

What I learned:\

Based on the article, I was able to identify common terms that I was not able to back then.Here are the words.
Discreet—-careful and prudent. e.g.. I have told you be discreet to stay with that dog, he would bite you.
ubiquitous—-commonplace (I can hardly spell it correctly)
Plymouth—a city in England, the famous university Plymouth university is located there
Havana—city in Cuba
navy—-seapower, eg. He has enlisted in the navy.
wrestle—-a kind of sport between two men, like a fight. e.g..They are going to wrestle a match next month.
invoke—use something such as reference to finish writing or programming   eg. You also have to invoke the stored procedure once

vaunt—-boast of oneself e.g.. This is the third time you vaunt that you have scored a goal at the match against Man U

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  1. Hi, great job on the vocabulary list. Sometimes if you see a name of a city or a country that you have not seen or heard of, try searching it in google as it will increase your knowledge of a place after seeing a picture of it and know the geographical location of it.