Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Raymond's Independent Learning Log

source:National Geography

What I did

I decided to work on vocabulary of trees, so I borrowed a magazine from school library to help me deeply learn about trees.

What I learned

The words I did not know
loom--appear as a vague form, especially one that is large or threatening: vehicles
furrow-- a longnarrow trench made in the ground by a ploughespecially for planting seeds or irrigation.
crane-- stretch out one's body or neck in order to see something 
eucalyptus----a fast-growing evergreen Australasian tree that has been widely introduced elsewhere. It is valued for its timber, oil, gum, resin, and as an ornamental tree. 


The largest tree nowadays found is in Sequoia National Park, which has rusty red trunk and 27 feet in diameter.It was adaptable to the storm temperature. It was a miracle of the finder that the tree was nearly concealed by the thick snow.


  1. Hi there, this ILL is very educational. You could give us the direct link to the national geographic page, so that we could also read about the article and further strengthen our general knowledge. Good Job with learning and posting up the new words you learned, as I never knew there was such a word called 'loom' and now I can learn it from you.

  2. Very well done. The words that he learnt and the summary he wrote are well writing/typed. There are however, some vocabulary errors.

  3. Encouragement :
    This Independent Learning Log is quite well done for some exceptions. It has some details of what you have read.

    Suggestion :
    I think that you can improve on your grammar and sentence structure as it seems as if you were talking to someone instead of writing what you did.

  4. Not bad, this ILL includes new words and summary, I have learned a lot from your ILL. However, don't you think the summary is a little short? Maybe you can write a longer summary next time so that we can have a better overview of this story.

  5. This is a very interesting article. Going to the library to borrow and read books is a good habit to cultivate. After reading this page, I learned more about the technical terms used in forestry.

  6. Hi, I never knew that there are so many vocabulary worlds till now. Maybe you could use each vocabulary and create a sentence to better understand the meaning. Good job.

  7. Hi, I seen you have done a ILL and it is good as it has some technical terms and you seemed to understand it. Try making a sentence after your vocabulary research and take note that some words you did research on is wrong. You could have perhaps use another dictionary to make sure the word you are searching for is the correct one. Sometimes words have different meaning and you have to decide which one of them is the one you are looking for in that context.