Monday, 20 January 2014

OUYANG's Journal Writing

 Since my birthday is coming on next Saturday, I would like to these five things—— Going out to have a feast, having a call to my family and my teachers, reading books that I like, having a look at the starry sky and playing the violin for a while. Firstly, because this is my birthday, it is no doubt that I want to get a nice dinner as a reward to myself. Besides, the last time that I made a call to my teachers was one month ago, so I want to call my teachers to chat with them. In addition, reading is one of my favourite, so I want to read books I like such as Nature at that time. Also, since I was five-year-old, I have been interested in the star, so I want to watch the stars at my birthday. Finally, playing the violin is not just my hobby, but also part of my life, so I want to play the violin to immerse in the world of music to relax. This is my plan for my birthday. I hope to have a nice birthday in a foreign country.

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