Wednesday, 22 January 2014

OUYANG's Independent Learning Log

    Independent Learning Log

Date: 17:20p.m——17:50p.m 21/01/2014 T1W3


What I did:
Since I had abundant time today, I decided to read a piece of the news on Chinese urbanisation slowly to fully understand the articles. So, new words and summary are my work on the articles.

What I learned:
Steroid----is a type of organic compound that contains a characteristic arrangement of four cyclopropane rings that are joined to each other.
Stout——is an adjective that means steady.
Metropolis——is a noun that means a very important area in a certain region.
Spawn——is a noun that means the eggs of fish or frogs.
Dwell——is a verb that means to live in some places.
Gridlock—— is a noun that means extremely bad traffic.
Slum——is a noun that means the place where the poor live together.
Dodge——is a verb that means to shun something.

In the contemporary years, Chinese government has been working on urbanisation continuously. Indeed, China is rising. However, there are still a lot of problems have to be solved. Firstly, it’s ‘Ghost City’ which shows the bungling effort of the urbanisation. ‘Ghost City’ means a set of building without people living in. That shows that the earth source is wasted. Besides, with the process of the urbanisation, a lot of pollutions appear. The places people live in are polluted. Furthermore, the citizens’ welfare has not been fully developed yet. Many people in need cannot get help from the government. However, Chinese government has noticed these problems, government has been focusing on these problems, let’s expect the rising of China.

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  1. you have done a completed summary and learnt lots of words
    suggestion: you can try to add personal opinions in you summary