Tuesday, 21 January 2014

OUYANG's Independent Learning Log

Independent Learning Log
Date:20/01/2014 T1W3 


What I did: 
Today I read several pieces of news, I wrote down some of the new words and summarised the articles.

What I learned:
Predator——is a noun that means one kinds of animal who kills another animals for food.
Prowl——is a verb that means to walk around in silence.
Livestock——is a noun that means the animals we keep for food.
Lobby——is a noun that means a big place for formal conference.
Rehabilitate——is a verb that means to recover.

It is a common saying that the Indian tiger often kill humans for food. Due to this idea, many  people kill Indian tigers as a job for money and reputation. However, according to a study, only less than eighty-five people are killed every year, this result is different from the idea’More than five hundred people are killed every year’. Besides, the reason for the killing of human is the self-defence because there are many people want to kill tigers for money every year. However, because of the rumour, the tiger becomes more and more rare. We need to take action to protect the tiger.

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