Monday, 20 January 2014

OUYANG's Independent Learning Log

    Independent Learning Log

Date: 17/01/2014 T1W2

What I did:
Because we still had bridging course today, I read several articles in National Geography. I wrote down the new words and the summary of one of the articles.

What I learned:
Neutron——is one kind of subatomic particles which play an important part of an atom.
Proton—— is one kind of subatomic particles which plays an important part of an atom. Different from Neutron, Proton carries a positive electric charge.
Fusion—— is the process or result of joining two or more things together to form a single entity.
Fission——is the division or splitting into two or more parts.

Since the birth of the human being, people have been dreaming to travel into the outer space. Nowadays, with the advancement of modern technology, we have found the way to go into space——man-made rocket. However, in order to travel into deep space, it is still not enough to travel by normal rocket. Hence, we have numerous concepts of the travelling to deep space. Those are—— Nuclear Fusion Rocket, Nuclear Fission Rocket and The Sail. As we all know, the atomic bomb is the most powerful weapon in the world. In fact, the Nuclear Fusion Rocket has the same concept as the thermonuclear bomb. With the help of the nuclear reactor, the Nuclear Fusion rocket will release the same amount of energy as the atomic bomb every second. However, this leads to a result that the reactor must be at least two times as tall as the Statue of Liberty. Furthermore, it is very dangerous because there is an atomic bomb booming beneath the rocket all the time. Besides, the Nuclear Fission rocket is the product of another concept——Nuclear Fission. This is a process which can release much more energy than the Nuclear Fusion. However, it also has the same danger as the Nuclear Fusion rocket. Besides, it will be as long as the Florida State to provide adequate place for the reactor. Finally, it is the Sail which is made of a sweep which is at least as large as Florida State. In addition, it requires a high-power laser whose power is two times as large as the global electric power.


  1. Very good job.
    Maybe you should add electron to complete it.

  2. Well summarized and written. Some grammatical errors here and there but can be fixed.

  3. The summary was done well with fully explanation. And it was technique. It may help a lot on you majority physics.
    suggestion: you did not post on the source. Other than that, you can create a concept map of the relationship between Neutron and Proton.

  4. It is a well written article summary. Although there are some grammatical errors, you have done a good job explaining the methods of space travel. Very interesting topic you have chosen.