Monday, 13 January 2014

OUYANG YU's self-introduction



8 Jan 2014

Hello, everyone! I am OUYANG YU, the scholar from PRC. It has been two months since I came here on 6th, Nov. I am extreme in love with Physics and Mathematics. Different from Raymond, I am not very interested in Olympian Mathematics Competition. Besides, getting rid of prejudices of difficulties in English learning, I have realized that the aim of learning English is not only to use English as a tool to get good grades, but also to use English as part of our communication. Indeed, I have learnt some fundamental skills on English like expository essays, comprehension skills. However, in my opinion, It is not enough. It just a beginning of my lifetime studying. Hence, I will try my best to make real efforts in the following English course. I am sure that we will have made much progress by the end of this program. Thank you for reading my self-introduction. It is my honor to have such characteristic classmates and a great teacher. I hope we all can enjoy our time together and learn from each other.

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