Saturday, 18 January 2014

T1W2 Oliver's Independent Learning Log

17 January 2014
5.30pm - 6pm

Source: Channel NewAsia

What I Did:

I decided to read the news so that I can try to improve my english by reading it to see how they form their sentences. At the same time I will know what is happening around me. The article is about the discovery of two dead in Marina Bay Suites due to a fire that broke out. There are a few words that I do not use because I do not really understand their meaning.

What I learned:

Charred - Partially Burned so as to blacken its surface
Ascertained - Find out for certain


Two dead bodies were found charred in the service life, both were security guards working at Marina Bay Suites. Before the officiers and firefighters arrive there were several self-evacuations and an alarm sounded when situations such as a fire occurs. The firefighters took three waters jets to extinguish the fire. One of the residents had to climb 53 flights of stairs as the lifts were not working. The cause of the fire is not found yet and the investigation is still ongoing.


  1. It's good that you have came up with a specific summary but it would be more helpful if you set a good limit on your summary as in the exams, there is a limit of 80 words

  2. Reading the news has many benefits such as building up our general knowledge, keeping up-to-date with current situations and learning new english words at the same time.

  3. it is good that you have summarised the paragraph.
    suggestion: the summary can be longer .