Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Lesson Summary (Wednesday 15 Jan 2014)

What did we learn today?

We learnt some words and how to pronounce it. Doubt - silent 'b'                    |dout|
Receipt - silent 'p'                  |riˈsēt|
Rendezvous - a french word |ˈrändiˌvo͞o-dā-|
Wednesday -  'wensday'       |ˈwenzdā-dē|

We learnt a list of some commonly misspelled words and its meanings.

We learned that a paragraph has different components.

Components of a Paragraph 

- Topic Sentences (Main idea/ statement of intent or opinion)

- Supporting Sentences (Explain, clarify, define & illustrate)

- Concluding sentences (restate the main idea or summarize supporting points)

Re-cap (Previous Lesson) : Topic Sentence

The rise in global temperature is due to several factors.
                Topic                                   Controlling Idea

Homework: Complete the Five Paragraph Essay Outline worksheet, given out today.

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