Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Independent Learning Log

Independent Learning Log

Date: 20:10 p.m — 20:40 p.m 
         14/01/2014     T1W1

What I did: 

              Due to our homework today, I read several articles on BBC NEWS ASIA website. After having read the news, I summarised them and typed them down.

What I learned:
Abduct——a verb that means kidnapping.
Infant——a noun that means a baby.
Commute——a verb that means decreasing(especially one’s sin).
Fabricate——a verb that means forgery.
Condemn—— verb that means completely disapproval or censure.

                 The first piece of news is about China----- A doctor who was infamous for abducting and selling infants has been judged to have a suspended death. During the last year, she had sold seven infants by fabricating the death of the infants to convince their parents to give up their babies. Unfortunately, one of the sold babies was dead. In my opinion, she has obliterated her humanity, even forgotten the fundamental law of human being: Lives are equal and cannot be judged by money. She ought to be punished by her damage to the doctor’s reputation, social opinion and humanity.
                The second piece of news is nauseating. In last week, an Australian got up with an intense pain in his right ear. Thought maybe a small spider made its way into his ear canal, he tried to use a vacuum cleaner with water to remove the small insect, but he failed. With the sharp pain, he had to rush to hospital to ask doctor for help. In the end, with the doctor’s effort, the small insect was finally killed by oil and its remain was pull out by medical forceps. It was a 2cm cockroach! How could such a large insect get into his ear!

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