Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Independent Learning Log 13/01/2014

Date:13/01/2014 T1W2

What I did: 
          I just borrowed two issues of National Geography. Due to my weakness in reading, I decided to read several articles on it and summarised them. Hence, I wrote down what I had learned.

What I learned:
          From the National Geography, I learned about the imaginations drown by cartographers. In the ancient time, the urgent needs of maps caused the appearance of the job cartographers. However, due to the lack in the sailing vehicle and the technology on sailing, cartographers could not draw the entire ocean in a single map because they did not know what was beyond their discovered world. Besides, the disasters like large waves terrified the voyagers and the cartographers. In addition, It was a common idea that the more horrible the monsters on the map were, the more the map could be sold. Hence, due to the Geographic factor and the Economic factor, there were a lot of monsters like sirens and sea dragons on the ancient maps.


  1. Hi, great job on writing a summary. It is good but try to read it out loud after you have written your summary. In the exams, you should read it out in your mind but its still better to read it out loud so you will read your mistakes and you will realise it. If there is no word limit on your summary, try come up with a better conclusion to sum everything up. In this sentence: 'the more the map could be sold.' you should write it as: "it would be sold at a higher price." Also in the exams, they would give you some starting words but you should have your own topic sentence if you are writing at your own pace.