Monday, 27 January 2014

Greg Lim's Independent Learning Log


Source: Discovery channel magazine

What I did: I read an article about how to survive on a deserted island.

Words I learned:

Driftwood: A pieces of wood that are floating on the sea or have been washed ashore.
Example: “Look the beach is filled with driftwood.

Critters: A living creature; an animal.
Example: Some critters are creepy.

Sanctuary: a place of refuge or safety
Example: Sanctuary is impotent in survival


To survive, check what the island have. It will be stupid to build a shelter out of driftwood and debris when you are on a five star resort. Secondly, do not panic. Most people are found in a few days. Getting hydrated is impotent too. Although you can survive two weeks without food, you cannot live four days without water. Do not drink sea water as they will further dehydrate you. Fish eyes contains fresh water too. Coconuts are the best source of  water and food. Do not eat pufferfish or jelly fish as they are poisonous. Build a fire to scare of predator and cook food. Create a fake friend with a coconut or something. It prevent you from loosing all sense of reality. But what is the point of surviving without getting rescue. Write a SOS symbol with stones to signal for help.

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