Sunday, 19 January 2014

Greg Lim's Independent Learning Log


Source: Discovery channel magazine

What I did: I read through the "frontier" section of the book and found out many small detail I never knew.

Words I learned:

Semantic Satiation: The over use of a world in a piece of text, to the point of loosing its meaning.
Example: This is very interesting. What really interest me about its intrerestingness is how interestingly it manage to interest me.

Philtrum: The small dip between the nose and the lips.
Example: When I drink milk, it always gets smeared all over my philtrum.

Grawlix: The squiggles and symbols used to denote swearing in comic books. Another name for it is an “obscenicon”
Example: This comic contains a lot grawlix.

Phosphenes: The spots of lights produce when you rub your close eye lid.
Example: Looking a your phosphenes is like looking at fire work.


  1. It is good that you can learn many words and this also help me learn some words that I do not know.

    You can improve by giving a summary of what you have read

  2. This is good as it has very small and useful, specific details. I think that you can attach a picture of the face and label them as it is simpler to learn with pictures

  3. Your work is very useful, I learn a lot from your ILL. However, I think it will be more useful if you can add more words or phrases.

  4. Very detailed and well written. Words could be better sorted

  5. Your grammar could be improved but all in all, the article is quite good.