Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Francis' Independent Learning Log



What I did: I read an article about a man plans to retire at 27

What I learned:

New words:

litany- a tedious recital or repetitive series
Example: a litany of complaints.

proficiency- a high degree of skill; expertise
Example: he demonstrated his proficiency in Chinese.

Summary: The author believed that he only have one shot,  could not be more motivated to craft the exact life he want to live.  With retirement as his starting point, he decided $7 million after tax was the number and age 27 would be the deadline. He was 21 then, only having 1 year of experience operating a business. He then created a business and used the manpower he had from his old business to staff his new business and groom a good CEO. His new business have a net worth of 20 million and it had caught his mind that he was already 27. Most people think that retiring is to play golf but retirement means he can choose when he want to work and when he want to golf. He can design his life everyday. When he feels to plan a media tour to expand their franchise awareness or just to go somewhere to enjoy life, he can.

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