Monday, 27 January 2014

Ek Hern's Independent Learning Log

Source: Nat Geo Magazine February 2011

What I did:
I read an article on the opium cultivation in Afghanistan and the steps taken to curb the issue there.

What I learned:
Even in the world of today opium is still illegally smuggled from Afghanistan through the mountain ranges into Russia and neighboring countries.

Russia has the highest amount of drug addicts.

Even though the government is doing what can, the people still feel that the government have made empty promises due to corruption.

The Taliban which once ruled the area now use opium trade to fund their insurgency.

In Afghanistan, the government is taking steps to curb the issue of opium cultivation. Steps like having a special narcotics police and having the United States bring in other seeds for the farmers to cultivate as well as building new infrastructure like markets and roads to facilitate farming. However, in other parts of the country, farmers who get no help still resort to growing opium as their only source of income. The Taliban run most of the opium trade and sell it overseas.

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