Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Raymond's Independent Learning Log


What I did: I would like to know more about the situation right night about football, so I chose to read an article on BBC, which indicated some fiery points.


1’impinge: have an effect, especially a negative one: 
several factors impinge on market efficiency.

2’curtail:reduce in extent or quantity; impose a restriction on: 
civil liberties were further curtailed.

3’nuisance:a person or thing causing inconvenience or annoyance: 
it's a nuisance having all those people clomping through the house 


During the January transfer window, all the giants in the Premier League are willing to sign a dozen of super star in order to get more opportunity to win the championship. Arsenal, whose forwards is not sufficient, is eagerly to sign a super forward. However, because of the World Cup is coming, the best forwards are not willing to leave their own club. This plainly increases the difficulty of getting the champion. Of Man City, signing a marker is unequivocal necessary. Although Company is considered as one of the best centre back in the world, injury affects his times to play matches. Chelsea also needs a fabulous forward. Eto, Torres and Ba, the three forwards in Chelsea, whose goals are less than 10. If Chelsea could get one of the best forwards in the world, they would be the best one in the Premier League.

Francis' Independent Learning Log



What I did: I read an article about a man plans to retire at 27

What I learned:

New words:

litany- a tedious recital or repetitive series
Example: a litany of complaints.

proficiency- a high degree of skill; expertise
Example: he demonstrated his proficiency in Chinese.

Summary: The author believed that he only have one shot,  could not be more motivated to craft the exact life he want to live.  With retirement as his starting point, he decided $7 million after tax was the number and age 27 would be the deadline. He was 21 then, only having 1 year of experience operating a business. He then created a business and used the manpower he had from his old business to staff his new business and groom a good CEO. His new business have a net worth of 20 million and it had caught his mind that he was already 27. Most people think that retiring is to play golf but retirement means he can choose when he want to work and when he want to golf. He can design his life everyday. When he feels to plan a media tour to expand their franchise awareness or just to go somewhere to enjoy life, he can.

Monday, 27 January 2014

Greg Lim's Independent Learning Log


Source: Discovery channel magazine

What I did: I read an article about how to survive on a deserted island.

Words I learned:

Driftwood: A pieces of wood that are floating on the sea or have been washed ashore.
Example: “Look the beach is filled with driftwood.

Critters: A living creature; an animal.
Example: Some critters are creepy.

Sanctuary: a place of refuge or safety
Example: Sanctuary is impotent in survival


To survive, check what the island have. It will be stupid to build a shelter out of driftwood and debris when you are on a five star resort. Secondly, do not panic. Most people are found in a few days. Getting hydrated is impotent too. Although you can survive two weeks without food, you cannot live four days without water. Do not drink sea water as they will further dehydrate you. Fish eyes contains fresh water too. Coconuts are the best source of  water and food. Do not eat pufferfish or jelly fish as they are poisonous. Build a fire to scare of predator and cook food. Create a fake friend with a coconut or something. It prevent you from loosing all sense of reality. But what is the point of surviving without getting rescue. Write a SOS symbol with stones to signal for help.

Ek Hern's Independent Learning Log

Source: Nat Geo Magazine February 2011

What I did:
I read an article on the opium cultivation in Afghanistan and the steps taken to curb the issue there.

What I learned:
Even in the world of today opium is still illegally smuggled from Afghanistan through the mountain ranges into Russia and neighboring countries.

Russia has the highest amount of drug addicts.

Even though the government is doing what can, the people still feel that the government have made empty promises due to corruption.

The Taliban which once ruled the area now use opium trade to fund their insurgency.

In Afghanistan, the government is taking steps to curb the issue of opium cultivation. Steps like having a special narcotics police and having the United States bring in other seeds for the farmers to cultivate as well as building new infrastructure like markets and roads to facilitate farming. However, in other parts of the country, farmers who get no help still resort to growing opium as their only source of income. The Taliban run most of the opium trade and sell it overseas.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Francis' Independent Learning Log


What I did:

I went to read up on a news article on Yahoo! talking about how to save money when going to vacation trips.

What I learned:

New Words:

skimp: expend or use less time, money, or material on something than is necessary in an attempt to save
e.g.: don't skimp on insurance when you book your holidays.

fringe area: (often the fringes) the outer, marginal, or extreme part of an area, group, or sphere of activity
e.g.: his uncles were on the fringes of crooked activity.

obsolete: no longer produced or used; out of date
e.g.: the disposal of old and obsolete machinery

Not So Short Summary
Common money saving tips might get you to spend more and become angry. Try not to go for the cheapest hotel that is available in that area but go for the hotels which has the best reviews but still cheap as sometimes cheapest hotel is so unbearable that you cannot have a good night rest. 
Moving on, try and not skip travel insurance as god knows what is going to happen to you. You might have to call an air ambulance, which can easily cost you a 5 digit number, to get you out of your situation. What if the doctors there are expensive? You will feel much safer with travel insurance.
Furthermore, people think that group tour packages are more expensive which is wrong. Tour operators can find cheaper hotels and can see more places and have a overall cheaper cost.
Moving on, people sometimes think that uncommon travel methods and lodgings will save money but it does not let you see the good attractions. You might have saved some money but in the end, you would have wasted more time on travel and not seeing any attractions at all. If you sleep in the hotel which is in a fringe area, you would have wasted so much time trying to go into town.
Finally, sometimes people use the old guidebooks as they are cheaper, it is not the case as old guide books are outdated and sometimes the places mentioned there are closed or the prices have changed. It is dangerous for one to depend on the guidebook when crossing borders as the rules might have changed. Its just a 10-20 more to spend on a new guidebook when you have a vacation that is thousands.

Lesson Summary

Today we went through the topic sentence worksheet that was given out last week and improved our understanding of topic sentences.
- When writing a paragraph, the rest of the paragraph must support the topic sentence (supporting sentences)
- Following sentences after the topic sentence that does not support it are redundant/irrelevant and should not be added into your paragraph.
- We learned some transitional words such as: First of all, Furthermore, Moreover, Also, Finally
- Connotations can be used to express one's view/stand.
- Connotations can be negative and positive.

Homework: ILL, readings (all 9 of them) and do not forget to learn your spelling words!

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Source: National Geographic:Bloodlvory 

What I did:

I was about to be moved in no time when I saw the picture of the blooding ivory, so I decided to borrow the book and peruse it.
The words I learned:

1’ butcher: slaughter eg… The butcher struck off a chop.

2’bloat:bulge eg..The carcass started  bloating. 

3’rite:ceremony e.g… This festival descends from a Chinese rite.

4’monsignor: master 

5’lawsuit:a claim or dispute brought to a law court for adjudication.  e.g…They threatened him with a lawsuit.

6’  protocol:the official procedure or system of rules governing affairs of state or diplomatic occasions eg..Whether anything is done with the identity depends on the protocol.

7’poach:illegally hunt or catch on land that is not one's own or in contravention of official protection.  e.g…20 tigers are thought to have been poached from national parks. 

8’attorn:formally make or acknowledge a transfer of something.  eg..Both membership card cannot be attorn. 


The story was about the poach happening on the boundary of Cebu. Although there have been a global ivory ban adopted in 1989, the criminals killed the elephant with AK-47 and smuggled the ivory.They dated with the trader stealthily, transferred the ivory with a higher price. Criminal these days are highly increasing, with a number of more than 30,000 species of rare animals or plants.With the considerable enhancement of plunder, the number of the elephants was rapidly diminishing. In my point of view, the barely prohibition is not supportive enough to protect the vulnerable animals, the crimes will still proceed. Protecting animals as well as plants are the instinct duty and everyone should be in charge of. We are not in a position to see elephants if we do not carry out protest towards the crimes and rise up money to protect them.

Raymond's Paragraph

If I were president of the United States, I would allow my army back from mid-asian. Although the world nowadays appears to be peaceful, the army staying in mid-asian may lead to conflict. Even if America is rich and can afford the considerable fare of sending troops to mid-asian, there will be unavoidable destruction in the war.Everybody wants to live a peaceable life.Therefore, I would order my army back if I were the head of the United States.

Podcast Groups

Science and Technology ~ Group Allocations_3-07

Group 1
Group 2
Group 3
Genetic Engineering
(Designer Babies)
The Internet
Genetically Modified Foods
Group Members

  1. Metta Ni (Leader)
  2. Greg Lim
  3. Alyssa Siow
  4. Jiawen
  5. Teo Ji Hao
  6. Esther

Group Members

  1. Luke (Leader)
  2. Choon wee
  3. Jordan
  4. Afif
  5. Hamidshah
  6. Ek Hem

Group Members

  1. Chong Xu Wei (Leader)
  2. Cherlyn Tay
  3. Nur Qadirah
  4. Gregory Ler
  5. Oliver Tan

Group 4
Group 5
Genetic Engineering
(Cloning/ Chimera)
Space Exploration
Group Members

  1. Francis Yeo (Leader)
  2. Ang Zhiyong
  3. Ethan Khor
  4. Chiam Chuen
  5. Gabriel Teng
Group Members

  1. Irfan Izzuddin (Leader)
  2. AthiyahTA
  3. Alexandre Shing
  4. Sanjana Suha
  5. G.K.Netraa

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Raymond's Independent Learning Log,


What I did:
 I managed to read an article on NYTimes website about movies, I also decided to zoom in words’ learning and summarise it.

1’SOUNDTRACK:a recording of the musical accompaniment of a film eg..This movie gets darker with every scene and so does the soundtrack. 

2’pensive:engaged in or reflecting deep or serious thought eg.. Why you are still singing a pensive lay there for youth.

3’pew:a long bench with a back, placed in rows in the main part of some churches to seat the congregation  e.g…They pew their churches and sometimes lock them.

4’postproduction:work done on a film or recording after filming or recording has taken place eg..He says postproduction work on the typical Hollywood movie is a vast assembly line of runners, technicians, assistants and others.

5’greenery:green foliage, growing plants, or vegetation. eg…The aim is an attempt to increase the value of neighboring homes by replacing other signs of blight with greenery. 


The article was about the coming movie ‘Vistor’. The movie was more like a documentary, and it was shot in a zoo. It revealed the daily lives of the primates, which were analogous to human kind, and wanted to raise people’s attention from caring animals as they were forced to leave their haunt. The colourless movie appeared to be lugubrious and cover with sadness. It took lots of effect for those who attended to shoot the movie to get access shooting in the zoo. It was decided that it would deeply affect the audience. In my opinion, such movies are more useful to heal the vulnerable animals. And also, there are lots of action movies and fiction movies nowadays and people fancy watching a new kind of movie. The ‘Vistor’ will absolutely get success as it will meet the needs from movie-lovers.

Raymond's Paragraph

The qualities that make a best friend are honest and concern.Of a people, should be sincere to everyone around him, especially his best friend. I was told by my parent that I should be truthful, and since then I seldom lied unless I was forced to do. I incline to choose my best friend who concern me. As my best friend, we should urge and care each other. Once one finds his best friend being dishonest and not concern him, they should break up because his best friend may have betrayed him. For example, in ancient China, the Qin’s Empire found his minion lied, and he decided to oust the minion because he thought the minion had betrayed him. Lengthy time later, historians found that the minion absolutely stabbed the empire in the back and wanted to revolt with the enemies. Therefore, what resolve a best friend is the characteristic of both honorable and care.

Lesson Summary

We went through the Paul's Wheel of Reasoning in Groups of 4

Link to Slides:


Page 1 and 3 for those who haven not done it yet
  • For page one just copy the part which contains the answer YES or NO.

OUYANG's Independent Learning Log

    Independent Learning Log

Date: 17:20p.m——17:50p.m 21/01/2014 T1W3


What I did:
Since I had abundant time today, I decided to read a piece of the news on Chinese urbanisation slowly to fully understand the articles. So, new words and summary are my work on the articles.

What I learned:
Steroid----is a type of organic compound that contains a characteristic arrangement of four cyclopropane rings that are joined to each other.
Stout——is an adjective that means steady.
Metropolis——is a noun that means a very important area in a certain region.
Spawn——is a noun that means the eggs of fish or frogs.
Dwell——is a verb that means to live in some places.
Gridlock—— is a noun that means extremely bad traffic.
Slum——is a noun that means the place where the poor live together.
Dodge——is a verb that means to shun something.

In the contemporary years, Chinese government has been working on urbanisation continuously. Indeed, China is rising. However, there are still a lot of problems have to be solved. Firstly, it’s ‘Ghost City’ which shows the bungling effort of the urbanisation. ‘Ghost City’ means a set of building without people living in. That shows that the earth source is wasted. Besides, with the process of the urbanisation, a lot of pollutions appear. The places people live in are polluted. Furthermore, the citizens’ welfare has not been fully developed yet. Many people in need cannot get help from the government. However, Chinese government has noticed these problems, government has been focusing on these problems, let’s expect the rising of China.

OUYANG's Journal Writing

 If I were the president of the United States, I would first take care of my citizens then try my best to build good relations between the United States and China. This is because if I was the president of the US, I have the responsibility to protect and take care of citizens, to make the US economy stronger. Then, even though I am from China, I must consider the US first. I hope there is really a good relation between the US and China.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Greg's Paragraph (Daily journel)

I think 3D movie is a cool technology as it can help us see a 3D image on a 2D screen. This allows many more possibilities. Although 3D technology is great, there are some problems. Creating the 3D movie is difficult. Another problem is that it can make viewers feel giddy and nauseous and have headache.

Raymond's Independent Learning Log


What I did:
I read an article about the French president on NewYork, and I learnt some words below.

1'spouse: the one you have married with. e.g.. I was sorry to hear of the illness of your spouse

2'flamboyant:(of a person or their behaviour) tending to attract attention because of their exuberance, confidence, and stylishness

3'tabloid: newspaper e.g.. The newsy waved and peddled repeatedly in order to sell the tabloid held in his hand.

4'clandestine:kept secretly or done secretly e.g.. The assassinate was done clandestine.

5'vaudeville:a light or comic played in the stage

6'tryst:a private romantic rendezvous between lovers. e.g.. the pair of lover tryst at the lakeside  where lacks of people.

7'addict:a person who is addicted to a particular substance, typically an illegal drug.

8'scrutiny:critical observation or examination eg..The most serious penalty of all surely demands equal if not greater scrutiny.


The news was about the French president, Mr.Trierweiler, sank into a predicament with the dispute of his wife and his girlfriend. Apparently, the president brought his wife to attend all sorts of banquet, and always showed that their love was unbreakable. Somehow, the tabloid recently issued that the president had tryst with an actress. The news in no time tarnished his visualisation, and he was now hesitating whether to proclaim it was right or wrong. In my opinion, working as a president, he must rule himself and be a model to the public. Sadly, he was not and even carried on a clandestine love affair. It would have been the spot on his political experience, and I think he will not be the next president as he has lost all the trust.

Raymond's Paragraph

If I have the freedom to visit any city or country in the world,  I will choose Italy. Although I have not been to Italy or even the country around Italy, I was deeply tempted by the food there. I recently read an article, which reported that the food in Italy was most palatable. I am a gastronome , so I desire greatly to tasting the food in Italy. Therefore, if I were to choose one place for travelling, Italy will be the best choice.

English Remedial Lesson

Dear Students, 

Please be informed that EL Remedial Lessons will be conducted on the following Wednesdays at Class 3-03 from 2-3 p.m. Attendance is compulsory for the students who are selected for the programme. 

Term 1
29 Jan
5 Feb
19 Feb
26 Feb
5 Mar
12 Mar

Term 2
26 Mar
2 Apr
9 Apr
23 Apr
21 May
28 May

OUYANG's Independent Learning Log

Independent Learning Log
Date:20/01/2014 T1W3

What I did: 
Today I read several pieces of news, I wrote down some of the new words and summarised the articles.

What I learned:
Predator——is a noun that means one kinds of animal who kills another animals for food.
Prowl——is a verb that means to walk around in silence.
Livestock——is a noun that means the animals we keep for food.
Lobby——is a noun that means a big place for formal conference.
Rehabilitate——is a verb that means to recover.

It is a common saying that the Indian tiger often kill humans for food. Due to this idea, many  people kill Indian tigers as a job for money and reputation. However, according to a study, only less than eighty-five people are killed every year, this result is different from the idea’More than five hundred people are killed every year’. Besides, the reason for the killing of human is the self-defence because there are many people want to kill tigers for money every year. However, because of the rumour, the tiger becomes more and more rare. We need to take action to protect the tiger.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Lesson Summary

1) We went through ILL and talked about the people who didn't do it and extended the time to 1h
2) We commented on others ILL and have them one encouragement and feedback.
3) Finish the WS given out. 

T1W2 Ek Hern Independent Learning Log

20 Jan 14

Source: National Geographic Magazine January 2006
pg 2: Who's winning in Iraq?

What I learned:
Despite the war going on nearby, many people are still living normally as they would have before. The kurdish people have been independent for the past 23 years only. There are many people in Iraq with the looks of a 'terrorist' even though they are just regular folk. Despite the peace, there are still high political tension in the region due to terrorism and suicide bombers.

Even if there is peace in Kurdistan, it could very well be shattered easily.

T1W3 Hamidshah's Independent Learning Log

11am - 11:30am

Source : Today Newspaper 
Page 4 
'China Building second aircraft carrier : Reports'

What I learned :

I learned that China is building 
their own aircraft carrier.
Usually Aircraft carrier's are bought, but China is trying to build one on its own. Soon, China would have at least 4 carriers defending their growing economy and enlarge their blue-water navy. This was all because over the past few years China's military budget has increased.

China's first aircraft carrier is called 'Liaoning'.

FUN FACTSOne US aircraft carrier has a more powerful air force than 70% of all countries.

American aircraft carriers can desalinate 400,000 gallons of water per day.
The command center structure that rises above the flight deck on an aircraft carrier is called "the island".
Source : 20 Interesting facts about Aircraft Carriers

Summary :

China building their own aircraft carrier is a new approach to increase a country's military strength. Since it not only saves the cost but also it doesn't need to be transported all around after its finished. Soon I believe most countries will take up this technique and soon build their own military force.

OUYANG's Journal Writing

 Since my birthday is coming on next Saturday, I would like to these five things—— Going out to have a feast, having a call to my family and my teachers, reading books that I like, having a look at the starry sky and playing the violin for a while. Firstly, because this is my birthday, it is no doubt that I want to get a nice dinner as a reward to myself. Besides, the last time that I made a call to my teachers was one month ago, so I want to call my teachers to chat with them. In addition, reading is one of my favourite, so I want to read books I like such as Nature at that time. Also, since I was five-year-old, I have been interested in the star, so I want to watch the stars at my birthday. Finally, playing the violin is not just my hobby, but also part of my life, so I want to play the violin to immerse in the world of music to relax. This is my plan for my birthday. I hope to have a nice birthday in a foreign country.

OUYANG's Independent Learning Log

    Independent Learning Log

Date: 17/01/2014 T1W2

What I did:
Because we still had bridging course today, I read several articles in National Geography. I wrote down the new words and the summary of one of the articles.

What I learned:
Neutron——is one kind of subatomic particles which play an important part of an atom.
Proton—— is one kind of subatomic particles which plays an important part of an atom. Different from Neutron, Proton carries a positive electric charge.
Fusion—— is the process or result of joining two or more things together to form a single entity.
Fission——is the division or splitting into two or more parts.

Since the birth of the human being, people have been dreaming to travel into the outer space. Nowadays, with the advancement of modern technology, we have found the way to go into space——man-made rocket. However, in order to travel into deep space, it is still not enough to travel by normal rocket. Hence, we have numerous concepts of the travelling to deep space. Those are—— Nuclear Fusion Rocket, Nuclear Fission Rocket and The Sail. As we all know, the atomic bomb is the most powerful weapon in the world. In fact, the Nuclear Fusion Rocket has the same concept as the thermonuclear bomb. With the help of the nuclear reactor, the Nuclear Fusion rocket will release the same amount of energy as the atomic bomb every second. However, this leads to a result that the reactor must be at least two times as tall as the Statue of Liberty. Furthermore, it is very dangerous because there is an atomic bomb booming beneath the rocket all the time. Besides, the Nuclear Fission rocket is the product of another concept——Nuclear Fission. This is a process which can release much more energy than the Nuclear Fusion. However, it also has the same danger as the Nuclear Fusion rocket. Besides, it will be as long as the Florida State to provide adequate place for the reactor. Finally, it is the Sail which is made of a sweep which is at least as large as Florida State. In addition, it requires a high-power laser whose power is two times as large as the global electric power.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Greg Lim's Independent Learning Log


Source: Discovery channel magazine

What I did: I read through the "frontier" section of the book and found out many small detail I never knew.

Words I learned:

Semantic Satiation: The over use of a world in a piece of text, to the point of loosing its meaning.
Example: This is very interesting. What really interest me about its intrerestingness is how interestingly it manage to interest me.

Philtrum: The small dip between the nose and the lips.
Example: When I drink milk, it always gets smeared all over my philtrum.

Grawlix: The squiggles and symbols used to denote swearing in comic books. Another name for it is an “obscenicon”
Example: This comic contains a lot grawlix.

Phosphenes: The spots of lights produce when you rub your close eye lid.
Example: Looking a your phosphenes is like looking at fire work.

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Francis' Independent Learning Log



What I did: I decided to check on some recent news on Yahoo! and I came across this interesting article. The article is about a medical research on a theory that D’Adamo came up with. D’Adamo has written a book about it and he sold 5 million copies. It is a theory about what you should eat according to your blood type the different food react chemically to different blood type. After the researchers examined  the dietary intake and the blood type, came to the unequivocal conclusion that the blood type diet is baseless.

What I learned:

Words that I did not understand:

unequivocal - Leaving no doubt
Examples: The report's advice was unequivocal
naturopath - a system of alternative medicine based on the theory that diseases can be successfully treated or prevented without the use of drugs, by techniques such as control of diet, exercise, and massage.
Examples: That naturopath works on curing cancer
lentils - a high-protein pulse which is dried and then soaked and cooked prior to eating.
Examples: Some people likes to eat Lentils but I dislikes them
debunked - expose the falseness or hollowness of (an idea or belief)
Examples: she debunks all the usual rubbish about acting.


A group of researchers debunked a theory about a popular diet about eating food that are best for your blood type. It was a theory with a baseless conclusion but it has received huge fan base and lots of supporters. The researchers compared the people who did the survey and the details of the book and they have no relation.

T1W2 Oliver's Independent Learning Log

17 January 2014
5.30pm - 6pm

Source: Channel NewAsia

What I Did:

I decided to read the news so that I can try to improve my english by reading it to see how they form their sentences. At the same time I will know what is happening around me. The article is about the discovery of two dead in Marina Bay Suites due to a fire that broke out. There are a few words that I do not use because I do not really understand their meaning.

What I learned:

Charred - Partially Burned so as to blacken its surface
Ascertained - Find out for certain


Two dead bodies were found charred in the service life, both were security guards working at Marina Bay Suites. Before the officiers and firefighters arrive there were several self-evacuations and an alarm sounded when situations such as a fire occurs. The firefighters took three waters jets to extinguish the fire. One of the residents had to climb 53 flights of stairs as the lifts were not working. The cause of the fire is not found yet and the investigation is still ongoing.

Friday, 17 January 2014

Raymond's Independent Learning Log


What I did 

I read some pieces of news on BBC, I was supposed to write down the word I had learned and managed to create sentence for each word.

What I learn

I learned a lot of word during reading news, here is the list of the words.

advocate—publicly recommend or support:  Voters supported candidates who advocated an Assembly.
revelation—a surprising and previously unknown fact that has been disclosed to others: Revelations about his personal life are issued these days.
espionage—spy:  He chose to work as a espionage after college.
fugitive—quick to disappear; fleeting: He was about to live on a fugitive life for he had annoy the current king.
arbitrary—based on random choice or personal whim, rather than any reason or system: You can not decide in such a arbitrary way, maybe he is not on propose.

panel—a small group of people brought together to investigate or decide on a particular matte: The trial was in charge of the five people panel.

Gabriel's Independent Learning Log

Date: 17 Jan 2014
Time: 9:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.

What I did: I was surfing the internet when I came across this interesting topic, synthetic life. So I am going to write about it.

Words that I learned:
- Genome, it is the complete set of genes found in an organism.
- Paramount, Exceptionally important
- Tantalise, Excite the desires of someone

Article summary:
For 15 years scientist have been tackling the problem with creating synthetic life. Finally, they managed it. The way they did it was to import synthetically created DNA into a cell that has been emptied of it genome. Once the new DNA 'booted up' you have a new synthetic living cell. The problem is, accuracy is extremely important. If you get something wrong, the new DNA would fail to activate the host cell. This makes it very hard to create synthetic cells. Nevertheless, this technology can prove to be very useful due to its flexibility, and as technology progresses, who knows what the future might hold.